0401The bench levelling with the rolling device is intended for work on the levelling and rolling of band saws up to 150 mm wide. The feed speed of the feed tape is continuously adjustable, the feed direction is reversed. The principle of operation consists in creating rolling scratches on the surface of the saw when the saw blade is rolled between the drive rollers of the mill. The pressure of the rollers exceeds the yield strength of the saw material and the central part of its blade becomes longer than the edges, which provides compensation for the thermal expansion of the cutting edge of the saw during the sawing process.

0203The unit is intended for electric arc welding of band saws with subsequent heat treatment of the seam. The installation is used in conjunction with a semi-automatic welding machine *.
Device is intended for:
- alignment of a saw tape before welding;
- preliminary heating of a saw tape before welding;
- welding;
- heat treatment (tempering) of the weld.

020002The grinding machine is an integral part of a set of equipment for the repair and manufacture of band saws from 20 to 50 mm wide. It is intended for processing a welded seam of band saws after welding. The grinder has a desktop version (attached to the table). The drive of the grinding stone from the electric motor, and the flow is carried out manually.
The thickness of the tape: 0.5 - 1.5 mm
Stripping adjustment accuracy: ± 0.1

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