0011Installation is intended for sharpening of band saws in the automatic mode. Sharpening of saws with a tooth like ‘Sandvik ', ‘Woodmizer', ‘ Uddeholm ', ‘Lenox' and others is possible. The sharpening method is based on the removal of a thin metal layer from a worn part of a tooth with the simultaneous formation of the front and rear corners of a tooth. The shape of the tooth is determined by the design of the control cam. The installation allows to adjust the height of the tooth, the pitch and location of the cavity. After sharpening the saw, the installation is automatically stopped.

0015Installation is intended for sharpening band saws used in woodworking enterprises. Installation works in automatic mode. Sharpening saws with a tooth of the following type: ‘Sandvik ', ‘Woodmizer',‘ Uddeholm ', ‘Diamond',‘ Lenox 'and others.

The unit is equipped with a control panel with a built-in frequency converter (inverter), which allows to smoothly change the sharpening speed over a wide range.


0053The device is intended for tooth setter and band saws with a width of 50 to 180 mm in wood. The device is operated manually and allows to perform both a classic wiring, and a special, providing a cleaner cut and increasing the number of re-saws without wiring. The principle of the device is to bend the saw tooth, clamped at the level of its base between the anvil and the clamp, using a steel punch. The screw and the clamp are actuated by a lever-hinge mechanism, providing a reliable, adjustable clamp with a wedge effect, while ensuring exceptional ease of movement. Fixing the position of the tooth, both right and left, in front of the punch is carried out by one changeover pawl.

002501The unit is intended for sharpening both steel circular saws with hard teeth made of hard alloy, as well as with ordinary steel teeth, including with notches. Installation and removal of the saws is carried out manually, sharpening automatically. The principle of the installation is to remove a rotating diamond disc (disc Ø150mm) or abrasive wheel with a circle (Ø200) metal layer from the working surface of the saw teeth. In the sharpening mode of hard-alloy teeth, only flat working surfaces of the tooth (except lateral ones) are processed, steel teeth are sharpened along the entire perimeter with preservation of the existing grinding profile.

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