0011- Band saw sharpener (band saw width 20-50 mm)

0011Installation is intended for sharpening of band saws in the automatic mode. Sharpening of saws with a tooth like ‘Sandvik ', ‘Woodmizer', ‘ Uddeholm ', ‘Lenox' and others is possible. The sharpening method is based on the removal of a thin metal layer from a worn part of a tooth with the simultaneous formation of the front and rear corners of a tooth. The shape of the tooth is determined by the design of the control cam. The installation allows to adjust the height of the tooth, the pitch and location of the cavity. After sharpening the saw, the installation is automatically stopped.

Saw sharpening time (4.25 m): 5 - 7 min
Preparation time for work: up to 2 min
Overall dimensions: 2000x1000x1500 mm
Power supply: 380/50 V / Hz
Installed power: 0.5 kW
Weight: 30 kg

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