0022 - Circular saw sharpener

0022Sharpener is intended for sharpening of teeth of circular saws by method of dry grinding in the semi-automatic mode.
The installation can be completed with special adaptations for:
- sharpening wide band saws;
- sharpening frame saws. (gator saw)


The sharpening method is based on the principle of removing a thin layer of metal from a worn part of a tooth while simultaneously forming the front and rear faces of a tooth at a certain angle. Sharpening is carried out with abrasive grinding wheels Ø200x6xØ32 or Ø250x6xØ32. The shape of the tooth is determined by the design of the control cam. With the help of adjusting mechanisms you can change the pitch, height and angles of the treated teeth.

Diameter of saw: 200 - 800 mm
Adjustment limits: tooth height: 10 - 40 mm
Tooth pitch: 15 - 50 mm,
Front angle of the tooth: 0 - 45º
Sharpening accuracy: ± 0.1 mm
Power supply: 380/50 V / Hz
Installed power: 0.5 kW
Weight: 70 kg

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