0025 – Circular saw (hard alloy) sharpener

002501The unit is intended for sharpening both steel circular saws with hard teeth made of hard alloy, as well as with ordinary steel teeth, including with notches. Installation and removal of the saws is carried out manually, sharpening automatically. The principle of the installation is to remove a rotating diamond disc (disc Ø150mm) or abrasive wheel with a circle (Ø200) metal layer from the working surface of the saw teeth. In the sharpening mode of hard-alloy teeth, only flat working surfaces of the tooth (except lateral ones) are processed, steel teeth are sharpened along the entire perimeter with preservation of the existing grinding profile.

Sharpening adjustment accuracy: ± 0,04mm
Tooth height: 10 – 40 mm
Straight tooth pitch: 15 -70 mm
Tooth pitch with bevel (TV alloy): 15 -35 mm
Limits of adjustment of a tooth angle: 0 - 85º
Diameter of the saw: 250 – 1100 mm
D iameter of the bore saws: 30,32,40,50,70 and 80 mm
Circle rotation speed: 3700 rpm
Power supply: 380/50 V / Hz.
Installation power: 0.4 kW
Overall dimensions: 1100х520х1650mm

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