0053 - Frame saw teeth setting device

0053The device is intended for tooth setter and band saws with a width of 50 to 180 mm in wood. The device is operated manually and allows to perform both a classic wiring, and a special, providing a cleaner cut and increasing the number of re-saws without wiring. The principle of the device is to bend the saw tooth, clamped at the level of its base between the anvil and the clamp, using a steel punch. The screw and the clamp are actuated by a lever-hinge mechanism, providing a reliable, adjustable clamp with a wedge effect, while ensuring exceptional ease of movement. Fixing the position of the tooth, both right and left, in front of the punch is carried out by one changeover pawl.

The device is equipped with an indicator to control the amount of wiring, as well as an adjustable anvil with two levels in height relative to the punch.
Permissible saw thickness: 3 mm
Height of the tooth: 2.5 - 20 mm
Overall dimensions: 1500x400x400mm (without saw)

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