0055 - Circular saws setting tool

0055The device is designed for tooth setting of circular saws used in longitudinal and transverse sawing of logs and lumber. The operational principle of the device is the bending of the saw tooth, clamped between the anvil and the clamp, with the help of a punch made of hardened steel. The punch and clamp are driven by a lever-hinge mechanism, which provides a reliable, adjustable clamp with a wedge effect. Fixing the position of the saw tooth, both right and left, is carried out by a pair of built-in pawl, the turn of the saw is done manually. Changing the direction of the wiring to the opposite is done by moving the saw back side to the axis of the rocker after the saw is removed from the wiring mechanism and the mechanism is switched to another pawl.

The device is equipped with an indicator to control the amount of wiring, as well as a rotary anvil with four levels in height.
Outer diameter of the saw: 300 - 1200 mm
Inner diameter: 30,32,40,50,60,70,80 mm
Saw thickness: 2 - 6 mm
Saw tooth height: 15 - 40 mm
The accuracy of adjustment and bending: ± 0.02 mm
Overall dimensions: 500х800х1700 mm
Weight: 65 kg

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