0203 Band saw arc welder

0203The unit is intended for electric arc welding of band saws with subsequent heat treatment of the seam. The installation is used in conjunction with a semi-automatic welding machine *.
Device is intended for:
- alignment of a saw tape before welding;
- preliminary heating of a saw tape before welding;
- welding;
- heat treatment (tempering) of the weld.


Thickness of welded band saws: 0.8 -1.5 mm
Width of welded band saws: up to 160 mm
Preheating temperature, ºС: recommended up to 250º, limit is up to 400º
Preheating heater power: 2 kVA
Accuracy of temperature adjustment: - ± 10ºС
Heat treatment temperature, ºС: Recommended up to 700º, Limit up to 1000º.
Power of the heat treatment unit: 1.6 kVA
Overall dimensions: 1500x600x1200 mm
Weight: 120 kg
Welding semi-automatic machine is not included in the delivery.

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